Weekly Parshah Reflections – Tetzaveh

In this week’s torah portion of Tetzaveh we learn of the special outfits that the high priests and regular priests would wear when they served in the mishkan- the tabernacle. This is the same outfit the Jews are buried in after the ritual of tahara.

Welcome to the “Raising Holy Sparks” podcast! Hope you enjoy these short weekly insights into the torah portion! This week we dive deep into the Parshah of Tetzaveh.

Additional sources for your reflection in connection with this week’s torah portion:

  • Exodus 28:43 – “They shall be worn by Aaron and his sons when they enter the Tent of Meeting or when they approach the altar to officiate in the sanctuary, so that they do not incur punishment and die. It shall be a law for all time for him and for his offspring to come.”
  • “Everything, every speck of dust, every drop of water continue to exist eternally, albeit in different forms, except for my soul?” ― Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness

Thanks for listening and looking forward to being on this journey through the books of the Torah with you!

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