Premier of Season Two of the ‘Raising Holy Sparks’ Podcast

In this opening episode of Season 2 of the ‘Raising Holy Sparks’ podcast, we begin our adventure into the weekly torah portions with the first parshah of Beresheit from the Book of Genesis.

Welcome to the “Raising Holy Sparks” podcast! Hope you enjoy the short weekly insights into the torah portion!

Sources mentioned in this week’s torah portion reflection:

  • Sanhedrin 38a – “The Sages taught in a baraita (Tosefta 8:5): The fact that Adam the first man was created alone serves to declare the greatness of the supreme King of kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, as a person stamps several coins with one seal, and they are all similar to each other. But the Holy One, Blessed be He, stamps all people with the seal of Adam the first man, and not one of them is similar to another. As it is stated: “It is changed like clay under the seal and they stand as a garment” (Job 38:14).”
  • Reb Nachman of Breslov – “The day you were born is the day God decided that the world could not exist without you.”
  • Martin Buber – “There is no holy and profane; only the holy and not-yet-holy.”

Thanks again and looking forward to being on this journey with you!

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