Practical Judaism – Vayishlach

“To wrestle with, or doubt, God is perhaps the strongest form of faith.

In the same manner that you may gently rebuke a loved one for not being there in a time of need, questioning the existence of God is about pointing out a lack for the sake of developing a stronger relationship.”
-Rabbi Misha Clebaner

“Thy name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel; for thou hast wrestled with God (sar el) and with men, and hast prevailed.’
-Genesis 32:29

Welcome to the new season of the ‘Raising Holy Sparks’ podcast. This year, we will be focusing on Jewish concepts and will be experimenting with ways to take them out of the theoretical and turn them into the practical.
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Weekly Parshah Reflections – Vayishlach

In this week’s Torah portion of “Vayishlach”, we find a Jacob that is wrestling with an angel all through the night. During the battle, Jacob says “I refuse to let go until you have blessed me.” Afterwards, his name is changed to Israel – the one that wrestles with God.

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