Weekly Parshah Reflections – Vayikra

Genesis asks us “what does it mean to be a human being”. Exodus asks “what does it mean to be a Jew”. But Leviticus gives us answers. It is the book of action. During this time of coronavirus, the priority must be immediate action, even if we are filled with uncertainty.

Welcome to the “Raising Holy Sparks” podcast! Hope you enjoy these short weekly insights into the torah portion! This week we dive deep into the Parshah of Vayikra. Continue reading “Weekly Parshah Reflections – Vayikra”

Breaking down hierarchies, holding leaders accountable, and much more.

“What are you being called to bring forth into this world?”

— Reb Misha Clebaner

The reflection on these chapters is part of the broader 929 project where you read a chapter-a-day (weekends excluded – so only 5 chapters per week) of the Tanakh/Hebrew Bible.

We are working our way towards February 2, 2022 – when we will have read the whole Hebrew Bible by then! Ahhh! Continue reading “Breaking down hierarchies, holding leaders accountable, and much more.”

No Hypocrites: God Asks You To Walk The Walk

The leading voice of political commentary at the beginning of the 21st century was probably none other than Jon Stewart (and Rush Limbaugh on the right – but with noticeably less cultural sway).

If the core message of his nightly searing commentary had to be boiled down to a few words, it would be this: “the following people are hypocrites,” and then they would cue their patented video clips demonstrating the hypocrisy of said individuals. Continue reading “No Hypocrites: God Asks You To Walk The Walk”