Episode 39: It All Started in the Desert; w/Rabbi Mike Comins

Episode 39: It All Started in the Desert; w/Rabbi Mike Comins

Ever-lasting life You have implanted with us.

-Jewish Prayer

Rabbi Mike Comins grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from UCLA with a BA in Near Eastern Studies, and served as Rosh Eida at UAHC Camp Swig before making aliyah (moving to Israel) at age 26.

While guiding Jerusalem for American youth and serving as chairperson of Netzer Olami (the International Reform-Zionist Youth Movement), Rabbi Mike studied classical Jewish texts for four years at Machon Pardes, a yeshiva in Jerusalem. In 1996, he was ordained by the Hebrew Union College – Israeli Rabbinical Program.

Rabbi Comins founded TorahTrek Spiritual Wilderness Adventures in 2001 while serving the Jackson Hole Chaverim in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The community’s first resident rabbi, Rabbi Mike helped the Jackson Jewish community establish itself while developing TorahTrek.

Rabbi Comins returned to Los Angeles in 2004, where he met his wife-to-be, Jody Porter. He continued to grow TorahTrek and turned it into a non-profit (2009).

A Wild Faith: Jewish Ways into Wilderness, Wilderness Ways into Judaism (2007) and his second book, Making Prayer Real: Leading Jewish Spiritual Voices on Why Prayer is Difficult and What to Do about It (2010).

In each, Rabbi Comins developed his “spiritual dynamics” approach to learning and teaching Judaism as a spiritual practice.

While TorahTrek no longer sponsors its own programs, he continues to lead nature and wilderness programs for synagogues and other organizations. Continue reading “Episode 39: It All Started in the Desert; w/Rabbi Mike Comins”

Episode 2: Extra Addition to Intro – Special Guest Anabelle Harari

Episode 2: Extra Addition to Intro – Special Guest Anabelle Harari

“How do we deepen relationships with others and with ourselves? In this bonus supplement to the intro episode, I speak with Anabelle Harari about the transformative power of spiritual community.”

What started as a simple sound check to test the microphone before recording the first ever episode of the “Raising Holy Sparks” podcast – ended up being a really interesting conversation in and of itself about community, prayer, and how to be our truest selves.

In episode 2 of ‘Raising Holy Sparks’, I speak with Anabelle Harari who is not only my amazing partner in life and crazy antics but is also a deep thinker about wellness – both physical and also mental. Continue reading “Episode 2: Extra Addition to Intro – Special Guest Anabelle Harari”