Episode 8: Travel and Global Jewish Communities w/Rabbi Elie Lehmann

Episode 8: Travel and Global Jewish Communities w/Rabbi Elie Lehmann

““There are two existential postures that I try to live my life inside of… The first one is: compassionate curiosity. That’s the ability to experience people and places with compassion on the one hand, a loving eye toward who they are and what they do; and a certain sense of curiosity that are questions bubbling up. And always wanting to learn more, and be more in contact with, and ask more, and integrate into. Not in a way of challenging or putting down, but through a lens of compassion and an open heart.””

— Rabbi Elie Lehmann

Rabbi Elie Lehmann is the Campus Rabbi at Boston University Hillel. He has rabbinic ordination from Hebrew College in Boston. He loves supporting young adults find innovative and meaningful ways to feel confident in their Jewish identity, knowledge, and practice. He has worked with NGOs in several countries over the past decade. As Director of the Kulanu Global Teaching Fellowship, Elie has worked with several Jewish communities in Africa and Latin America. Elie is an alumnus of Mechon Hadar, Columbia University and The Jewish Theological Seminary. In his spare time Elie enjoys cooking, cycling around new neighborhoods, and playing drums. He lives in Cambridge, MA, with his wife Anya Manning and their son. Continue reading “Episode 8: Travel and Global Jewish Communities w/Rabbi Elie Lehmann”