Weekly Torah Portion – Shemot

This week’s torah portion, Shemot, marks the beginning of the second book of Torah – the Book Of Exodus. In these early stories of moving towards liberation, we find a Moses who is hesitant to lead the people out of slavery: what if they do not listen to me, he asks. Yet they do. Most of the time we are more likely to be surprised than for our expectations of complete failure met.

Welcome to the “Raising Holy Sparks” podcast! Hope you enjoy these short weekly insights into the torah portion! This week we dive deep into the Parshah of Shemot. Continue reading “Weekly Torah Portion – Shemot”

Seize the Opportunity

Seize the Opportunity

Joshua 18:3

“Joshua said to the Israelites, “How long will you be lackadaisical about taking possession of the land which the Holy Blessed One, the God of your ancestors, has assigned to you?”

There was a meme used by the Obama campaign in the final few months of his Presidential contest against John McCain. The meme was a short video clip of a bicyclist nearing the end of a race.

The man, seeing an end in sight, began to shake his hands in the air feverishly to celebrate his soon-to-be victory. But due to his wild gesticulating, his balance was thrown off, so he crashed just before the finish line. So close, and yet so far. Continue reading “Seize the Opportunity”